A common problem individuals looking to build muscles face is the difficulty in getting the right set of nutrients for building new lean muscles. Experts at Surge are aware of this common issue and thus come up with quite a few Surge supplements that would provide people with the much needed muscle building nutrients. The section below would educate you about Surge muscle supplements that would assist you in gaining lean muscle mass and having stronger arms.

Surge Active BCAA: The acronym BCAA stands from Branch Chain Amino Acids; these are amino acids playing a major role in the lean muscle building process. Examples of these amino acids include isoleucine, leucine, valine, etc. Individuals failing to consume the enough protein for boosting muscle growth should opt for BCAA supplementation. Surge Active BCAA, being a potent source of branch chain amino acids, works by promoting protein synthesis in the user’s body and thereby causes gradual muscle growth. In addition, novice athletes often use the supplement for preventing fatigue.

The active ingredients of Surge Active BCAA have dedicated roles. For instance, leucine works by promoting muscle protein synthesis and isoleucine encourage glucose uptake by cells.

The biggest plus of this supplement by Surge is that it doesn’t include any blend and is absolutely devoid of pixie dusting. This means, it would only make you consume potent nutrients. The dosage of Surge Active BCAA would vary from one person to another. For an average individual (he or she shouldn’t be obese), the dosage of isoleucine should vary between 48 and 72 mg/kg of his/her body weight. The daily dosage of leucine for such people, on the other hand, should be between 2 and 10 grams. This supplement by Surge contains a balance ratio of isoleucine and leucine. So, for average people the recommended dose of Surge Active BCAA is 6 grams.

Supplementation of branch chain amino acids helps in preventing serum decline of BCAAs, a common problem faced by people performing vigorous exercises. This is real good news for exercise enthusiasts as serum decline can result in tryptophan influx in human brain. Tryptophan influx eventually leads to production of serotonin, a brain chemical known for triggering fatigue. This shows how important it is to opt for BCAA supplementation when trying to build strong muscles.

Helping muscle building is not the only function of this product. Consuming this supplement regularly would also help you in keeping your body duly hydrated. This is possible because the product also contains coconut water powder and electrolytes.

Surge Active Krill Oil: It is surely the most resourceful krill oil supplement available on the market at present. You must have heard that individuals looking to boost arm strength and increase muscle mass should opt for krill oil supplementation. The fact is that there are few fish oils that are as helpful for individuals looking to build strong muscles as krill oil. Surge brings the most powerful krill oil supplement for you in the form of Surge Active Krill Oil. It would provide you with a healthy dose of omega 3 fatty acids. The supplement is also a rich source of antioxidants and thus works by boosting the user’s immune system. Another major plus of the product is surely the complete absence of mercury (a large number of krill oil supplements available on the market contain mercury).

Each serving of Surge Active Krill Oil contains 1000 mg of the active ingredient. Every softgel you would consume would provide you with EPA, DHA, omega-3 fatty acids (phospholipids), and astaxanthin.

Are you wondering why it would be wise to pick krill oil over various forms of fish oil? The primary reason is surely the potent antioxidant content of krill oil; you will not get that from regular fish oil supplements. In addition, unlike krill oil, other fish oils are highly susceptible to oxidation and spoilage and are usually rich in harmful toxins.

Krill oil contains omega 3 fatty acids in form of a lipid compound known as phospholipids; fish oils lack this quality. Phospholipids boast the ability to deliver essential fatty acids directly to human cells. In addition, they also play the role of structural units for our cell membrane and work by regulating cellular transport.

Astaxanthin, another major ingredient of Surge’s krill oil supplement, works by protecting the omega 3s against oxidization all through the harvesting procedure.